Kurdistan in womens' eyes

We are pleased to invite you to the meeting with Kurdistan in womens' eyes, which will take place on June 17, 2021 at 18.00 via the zoom platform. The meeting is an accompanying event for the exhibition Jin jiyan, azadi (Women, life freedom) - daily life and social involvement of Kurdish women in Kurdistan and the diaspora, held until the end of June at the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw.





Maria Giedz - journalist who has traveled to the Kurdistan region since the beginning of the 90s, author of several books about Kurdistan.


Olga Ślepowrońska - psychologist, culture animator. In 2010 - 1014, she carried out an emotional education project in Kurdistan, later engaged in the promotion of Kurdish culture in Poland


Jaga and Maja - activists from the Warszawa For Rojava collective, work for Kurdish women and Rojava, with the support of the international organization Womend Defend Rojava. Chair: Joanna Bocheńska The meeting will be held in Polish.


Join us on Zoom

Meeting ID: 927 6363 4120



The panel is part of the project ALCITfem, Activism and Its Moral and Cultural Foundations: Alternative Citizenship and Womens' Roles in Kurdistan and the Diaspora financed by the National Sciene Centre-Poland from Norway Grants.