The website was created in the scope of the research project How to make a voice audible? Continuity and change of Kurdish culture and of social reality in postcolonial perspectives granted us by the National Science Center of Poland in the scope of SonataBis1 program 2013-2018. After the end of the project it serves as the platform for the research team and to promote Kurdish Studies.


Photogallery by Artur Rodziewicz

Photogallery by Joanna Bocheńska

  • The Project's results

    The 5-year team research project (2013-2018) directed by Joanna Bocheńska focused on the analysis of the selected social and cultural aspects of the dynamic Kurdish reality. The main result of the project is the book Rediscovering Kurdistan's Cultures and Identities: The Call of The Cricket, Palgrave Macmillan 2018.