Our project in Rudaw TV

Dr Joanna Bocheńska, director of the project "How to make a voice audible? Continuity and change of Kurdish culture and social reality in postcolonial perspective"(www.kurdishstudies.pl),orking in the Department of Iranian Studies in the  Institute of Oriental Studies of Jagiellonian University (Kraków), have recently been a guest in Kawa Emin's "Hevpeyivin" (interview) program in Kurdish television channel Rudaw. Dr Bocheńska have spoken (in a sorani dialect of Kurdish language) on the topic of long history of Kurdish-Polish relations and both traditions and current projects connected with Kurdish Studies in Poland. She visited the studio of Rudaw during her stay in Autonomous Kurdistan Region in Iraq (Southern Kurdistan) where she participated in Gelawej culture festival in Suleymaniya during October 18-24th. The program was emitted on Tuesday 12.1.2015, it is available through the following link.