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    park in Slêmanî

Muslim Lovers and Non-Muslim Beloveds

The Section of Kurdish Studies has pleasure to invite you to the lecture by Dr J. Andrew Bush from the New York Abu Dhabi University: Muslim Lovers and Non-Muslim Beloveds in Sorani Kurdish Poetry, 1820-1935

Thursday 30.11.2017, 4.30 p.m., r. 402, Institute of Oriental Studies, Mickiewicza 3



Dr J. Andrew Bush is an anthropologist specializing in Islamic Studies. He has conducted ethnographic research with Iraqi Kurds for more than ten years in the United States and the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Research interests in ethics, literature, gender and sexuality have led him to examine kinship, Sufi poetry, Islamist movements, and Islamic law in Kurdistan. He is drafting a book manuscript that examines the ethical lives of Muslims in Kurdistan who turn away from pietistic aspirations while at the same time citing Sufi poetry and sustaining intimate relations with more pious Muslims. Tentatively titled Islam and Intimacy in Kurdistan, the manuscript renders ethical life in ethnographic prose that is interspersed with poetry. Drawing from anthropology, philosophy, Islamic studies and literature, he has taught courses on Islamic law, Western receptions of Islamic literature, and religion and sexuality. His writing appears in Wiley-Blackwell’s Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East, as well as the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, and Anthropology of this Century.