Kurdish Fairy Tales in Polish Translation

Kurdish fairy tales from Calils' family archive has been published in Polish translation by Joanna Bocheńska with beautiful illustrations by Paulina Krajewska. The book was translated in the scope of Małopolska Regional Agency Knowledge and Practice project (2011) and published by Namas Publishing Hause with the support of Jagiellonian University (Faculty of Philology). It is the the first direct translation from Kurdish (Kurmanji dialect) to Polish which has been published as a book. The fairy tales consist of preface, footnotes and notes on Kurdish storytellers as well as of illustrations. This way they are adressed both for reserchers and young readers.


Opowieści Dengbeży. Baśnie i bajki kurdyjskie ze zbiorów rodziny Calil

translated into Polish by Joanna Bocheńska

illustrated by Paulina Krajewska

Namas Publishing Hause

Poznań 2014