Frittilaria Kurdica. Bulletin of Kurdish Studies no.6

The sixth issue of our bulletin is addressed to the Polish reader and presents selected works by Kurdish contemporary poets from four parts of Kurdistan written both in Kurmanji and Sorani dialect of Kurdish language. Poems by Şêrko Bêkes, Abdullah Pêşew, Kemal Burkay, Mehmed Uzun, Rojen Barnas, Jîla Huseynî, Nahîd Huseynî, Bahar Huseynî, Jana Seyda and Mahabad Qaradagî were translated into Polish by Joanna Bocheńska, Hatif Janabi as well as translators (Joanna Bocheńska, Ferhang Muhamad, Majid Raoof and Andrzej Bartczak). In the brief introduction the history of Kurdish poetry is mentioned with regards to the continuity and change of its style and content.

The bulletin is available here.