Fritillaria Kurdica.Bulletin of Kurdish Studies no. 16

In the 16th issue of our bulletin we present two texts which offer an insight to reality and culture of Yezidis and the Kurds living outside Kurdistan – in Transcaucasia and Khorasan. The text by Artur Rodziewicz consists of two parts: the introductory sketch devoted to the Yezidi diaspora living in Armenia and Georgia, and the interview with Dimitri Pirbari who is a Yezidi religious leader. Dimitri Pirbari plays a pivotal role in revival of Yezidism in Transcaucasia, and also considers Yezidis a separate nation that is not related to the Kurds. The work by Abdullah Hajiyan and Umîd Demirhan presents an anthology of Kurdish oral texts collected in Khorasan. It is followed by a small dictionary of the Kurmanci dialect spoken in Khorasan which preserved many archaic forms. The brief introduction provides some general information about the Kurds of Khorasan. The bulletin is available under the link.