First Issue of our Bulletin

The first issue of our bulletin Fritillaria Kurdica. Bulletin of Kurdish Studies has been published.To download it click here.



  1. Joanna Bocheńska The Hidden Truth of a Colonial God. Some Reflections on Edward Said's Orientalism and Hesenê Metê's Sinful words
  2. Marcin Rzepka Some Remarks on the Bible Translation into Kurdish and the Kurds. The Christian Missionary Narratives from the 19th Century
  3. Krzysztof Lalik Orientalizing Motifs According to Justin Perkins' Accounts on the Urmia Plain's Reality
  4. Renata Kurpiewska-Korbut Culture and Political Power on Local Level in Turkey. The Case of Diyarbakir (Amed)
  5. Anna Krasnowolska Aleksander Chodźko's Reports on the Kurds of North and East Iran